Top Tips for Buying a Baby Crib

As a parent, we want each and every item of our baby’s nursery to be perfect and offering maximum comfort and pleasure to our baby. Since the crib is the most important part of the room and the item where the child spends maximum time; it is crucial that the crib is a sturdy, strong, safe and cozy piece. The following tips would help you nail one perfect piece.

Types of Cribs

Depending on your lifestyle, nursery space, future plan and budget; you first need to decide on the type of baby crib you want. The major types are:

  • Standard cribs: Also known as fixed cribs, these are traditional, safe and sturdy pieces. These can be simple and basic or large and elegant. Many also come with a hinged side to facilitate easier lifting of babies. These are ideal for use with multiple children over the years.
  • Convertible cribs: A transitory design; these cribs offer great value for money since they change from a crib to a toddler bed or even a full-sized bed as the baby grows. Unlike all other cribs, these can be used for the longest
  • Portable cribs: Meant for small spaces; these are lightweight, smaller in size and has lockable wheels. They are terrific for traveling or small apartments. However, they serve the baby for the shortest period of time.

Crib bedding

The crib mattress is as important as the crib. The most popular types are that of innerspring and foam in thickness varying between 3 inches and 6 inches. They must be of the right size for the crib and ensure maximum comfort and safety for the child.


The crib should not wobble or rattle when you shake it. If it is unstable, it can be dangerous for the baby. Thus, you need to double check on this.

Miscellaneous features

Apart from the mandatory features; you can take advantage of a few extra features like:

  • Adjustable mattress height: With the baby growing; you can lower the mattress with this feature. It helps to block the baby to climb out of the crib as it grows.
  • Mattress support: These are often of a metal spring base or a wooden slat base. The former is an ideal choice as it can better withstand the jumping toddler.
  • Teething rail: The crib rails have attached teething toys which goes a long way in keeping the baby entertained and making his teething period as stress-free as possible.


A safe and comfortable crib is not far away with these useful tips.

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