Must-Have Furniture for a Baby Nursery

Planning and setting up a nursery become the single most important task for any expecting parent. While shopping for the nursery; you are coming across so much of choices that it is easy to get carried away and clutter the nursery. It poses more of a risk than comfort. Thus, we line up few of must-haves in the nursery which can be complemented with few extra accessories.


Many start out with a bassinet and then move on to a crib. However, one can easily forego the bassinet and start straight with the crib. The first most important furniture of the nursery; it is the room’s focal point and the place where the baby spends maximum time. It is imperative to understand about cribs and buy the best variety for the kid.

A Mattress

Baby mattress or bedding is the next important item. The mattress should offer both comfort and protection to the baby. It can be supplemented with crib sheets, bumper pads, crib skirts, pillows, and blankets for enhanced comfort.

Baby Monitor

It is a trying time for any parent to sleep in a separate room and leave the baby alone in the nursery. However, the stress is melted away easily by buying a baby monitor. The latest monitors have both audio and video facility which helps you monitor your baby seamlessly.

Changing Table

Many feel it as an optional furniture item, but it is a heavenly piece of furniture especially in the first year of the baby birth. Foremost, it has a comfortable pad which ensures that your baby is always comfortable on it. The second advantage is that it comes in many varieties and with plenty of drawers as well which help you transform it for other uses as your child grows up.

Rocking Chair or Glider

It is another essential piece of furniture. It helps you breastfeed your baby in total comfort as well as sit and play with the baby or put them to sleep. It offers such wonderful support that you simply cannot imagine a nursery without it.


Babies need to change clothes several times a day. Thus, having a dresser and cupboards keeps you organized and every item handy. It transforms the changing time from a stressful period to one where you and your baby spends some quality time.

Apart from these, diaper pails, mobile, nightlight, stroller, car seat, feeding chair are all furniture pieces that you can add for enhanced comfort and joy.

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