Decorating Mistakes to Avoid for a Safe Nursery

Designing a nursery to create a perfect first room for the baby is a task every parent undertakes with unbridled fervor and enthusiasm. However, in the rush of things, many forget to differentiate between style and safety and unknowingly expose their child to risks. Thus, it is important to avoid some common mistakes made by most parents while designing a nursery.

Exposure to dangerous chemicals

The first error made by most parents is exposing their child to dangerous chemicals. Fresh paint on the walls, brand new crib, accent rugs is all stuff that releases harmful gases in the air and is harmful to the baby. They all release volatile organic compounds in the air detected by their queer smell. To avoid it, one should opt for low-odor paints. Additionally, these items should be arranged in the room well in advance, and the room, drawers, and every item left empty and open for a few days and preferably exposed to the sun so that all the harmful chemicals evaporate away. Another alternative would be to go organic all the way.

Using second-hand crib

A crib is an essential but an expensive item in the nursery. Thus, many parents are tempted to settle for a used or second-hand crib. However, this should be avoided as it might not be a safe option. A crib is a place where the baby spends maximum time, and thus it must not be an item to be compromised.

Window dangers

The window is another area which must have extra attention from all parents. It must be completely childproof. They must close seamlessly and must be free of all cords and strings that can strangle the child. An important feature to look there are curtains and its fittings. All curtain hardware must be secured properly and firmly to the wall. Tension rods must be avoided as they can easily fall when tugged firmly.

Dangerous accessories

Accessories are essential in a nursery to impart life and vivaciousness to any nursery. However, one must be careful in choosing all safe accessories. Stuffed toys and items made of clothes are safe choices as they will never hurt your child even if they fall from any shelves. Nothing should be hung directly above the baby’s crib. Night lamp and all-electric sockets must be well out of reach even when the baby has grown to the toddler or even three-to-five-year old.

Functionality and safety should be your prime considerations while designing any nursery.

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